Take a Scary, Norse-Inspired Walk to Find Your Son in Through The Woods

With 2018’s potential game of the year contender going strong, would you like another game set against Norse mythology? Through The Woods is a tale about a parent’s relationship with a son too. Oh, and it’s a horror game, so maybe it lacks some bonding by ripping draugr in two. Enough prelude! Let’s dig into what makes it interesting.

Through the Woods is the tale of a mother who is looking for her kidnapped son. That’s scary enough, but she is searching for him alone in a dark forest. There are mythological creatures who haunt these woods, and she is only armed with a flashlight. It’s probably not a an old school Maglite that weighs a couple of kilos (half weapon, half flashlight, really), so she could be killed at any time.

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Using what the developers refer to as “reactive narration”, your journey to find your son is also the tale of how he came to be missing. You will explore her relationship with her son and learn some secrets along the way. That is only if you can survive the cold sense of loneliness in the forest. And the scary mythological creatures, of course.

We have added the trailer for Through The Woods, and it is looking creepy. With a missing kid, what we would guess are not so obvious circumstances, and a pinch of Norse mythology thrown into the mix, Through The Woods is offering a very unique combination.

We look forward to helping a mother and son reunite when it launches on May 8th.

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