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Take Out The Appraiser in Hitman 2’s Third Elusive Target

Agent 47 has a new elusive target. The third target so far is Miranda Jamison, known as The Appraiser. She is a ruthless business woman, art appraiser, and pricing manipulator in the art world. Her activities have contributed to many galleries going under and ruined lives. In the art world, is that really enough to separate her from her peers?

Maybe not, but Miranda has been a naughty girl. She hired some thieves to steal from a past wealthy client. The same client doesn’t care for Jamison’s business practices of late and has decided The Appraiser’s life will be hitting the auction block. Your mission is to kill her and retrieve the painting before the grand reveal.

As with all elusive target missions, you have a limited time to play the mission, before it disappears entirely. You also have one chance to get it right. The rewards are good, but failure is not.

Good luck, Agent 47. Head to the Isle of Sgail. The mission is active now and will run through February 3rd.


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