Take Your Weapons to the Street in Raging Justice

Retro games with a modern refresh are doing very well right now, and we have another coming soon. Raging Justice will release in Q2, and they have released a new trailer showcasing all the weapons in the game.

This beat ’em up with an old school feel doesn’t want you to rely on fists alone. You can use the classic bat to pound crime into the streets, a sledgehammer to crunch your way to victory, or an ax to go full Overlook Hotel on criminals. That’s only a few of the weapons available, and each can be thrown as well.

From Team 17, the developers behind Worms, Raging Justice is in the spirit of Streets of Rage, Double Dragon, and similar titles from the time. It has vastly improved visuals, but, from the trailer, it seems to retain the same feel.

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We don’t have a firm release date yet, but we will be keeping an eye on Raging Justice.

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