Tales of Berseria Demo Available Now

Tales of Berseria Demo Available Now

If discounts on Lego games does nothing to set your world on fire, you can download a demo for Tales of Berseria right now and decide if an RPG tale of revenge is more to your liking. The newest Tales game focuses on Velvet Crowe as she sails around with pirates on her quest to right a wrong from her past. Normally, revenge and pirates is a winning formula, but we have seen it go terribly wrong.

We do not always receive demos, so it is nice to have a taste of the larger game. Tales of Berseria will launch on January 24th in the US and January 27th in the EU, so you have plenty of time to make your decision.

With multiple RPGs dropping in 2017, let us know which ones you are anticipating the most. 

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