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Tandem: A Tale Of Shadows Plays Detective on PS4 on October 21st

A unique take on platform puzzlers.

Tandem: A Tale of Two Shadows has finally got a release date and it’s scheduled to launch on PS4 on October 21st, as revealed in a blog post by the game’s developer over on the PlayStation Blog.

Players can expect a puzzle-platformer with a twist, with two playable characters who each have their own unique abilities and gameplay style. Tandem: A Tale of Two Shadows focuses on Emma and her teddy bear partner Fenton as they traverse 19th century London to investigate the disappearance of the renowned magician, Thomas Kane.

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Emma and Fenton are said to have a “Sherlock Holmes and Watson” dynamic as they work together to solve puzzles and investigations. The gameplay between the two characters is split between dimensions with Emma being controlled from a top-down perspective as she uses her lantern to illuminate environments project shadows. Fenton is played from a side-scroller view and can walk on shadows projected by Emma’s lantern.

Jean-Bernard-Grassett, CEO and co-founder of Monochrome offered some insight to the appeal of playing as two characters saying, “controlling two characters who each have their own personality and characteristics is very enjoyable and creative for the player. The further you advance in the game, the more pronounced the collaborative aspect between the two characters becomes and contributes to the progressive enrichment of the experience.”

Tandem: A Tale of Two Shadows also offers a fairly unique backdrop with victorian London with a strong influence from Dutch artwork reflecting the game’s visual style. There is expected to be 45 levels available on launch where players will have to solve puzzles, overcome obstacles and face unique enemies and bosses.

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Chris had a go of the game earlier this year and he seemed to like it! You can check out his preview here (or watch the video below) if you want to get an early look and see if Tandem: A Tale of Two Tandems is for you.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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