Taxi Chaos Day One Update Detailed With Long List of Fixes and Improvements

Taxi Chaos is a brand new Crazy Taxi-style game coming to PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on February 23rd, 2021, and the developers have shared with us some of the improvements coming in the big day one update.

Just when I thought my Taxi Chaos PS5/PS4 review was done… the developers dropped an email explaining what will be fixed and improved in the game’s day one update, which will go live alongside the game. I was under the impression the update would be at least a week or two away. Thankfully, that’s not the case, and day one players (with internet connections…) will be getting an improved version of the game.

Some of my complaints from the review are solved with this update, or at least theoretically they will be, but the core of the game won’t change. You can find the full list of fixes and improvements coming in Taxi Chaos’ day one update down below.

New Features

  • 11 new music tracks (mostly rock!) for the old-school fans
  • Ambient audio in the background of New Yellow City
  • Timer that shows the full time of the run (next to time left)
  • Individual license plate numbers for each taxi with some in-depth references to various taxi media for the true taxi fans
  • Clear indicator that shows when a player achieves a personal record
  • Developer Leaderboards: can you beat the creators of the game?
  • Updated the destination marker with a clearer design
  • A ‘back to menu’ button in the pause menu
  • A ‘retry button’ in the pause menu
  • New animation in the result screen
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  • More pedestrians will now appear in all areas – preventing empty sidewalks
  • Preventing the car from getting stuck under the road and/or building after a jump
  • A bigger variety of customers can be found all around town now
  • The performance on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch have been improved
  • No more customers repeating the destination multiple times when they start the conversation
  • Various sound issues when landing, driving in some cabs and other occasions
  • The LoD distance for trees has been increased
  • The overexposure of Vinny and Cleo in the main menu
  • Relocating objects that could be blocking shortcuts
  • Rebalanced the unlock requirements for the different taxis to increase the challenge
  • Rebalanced score system for high scores

Taxi Chaos releases on February 23rd, but you can get a head start with our quick tips and tricks video below. Or you can read it. Your choice…

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