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Taxi Chaos Looks Like a Modern Take on Crazy Taxi; Releasing Feb 23

If you have fond memories of the Crazy Taxi games, check out the teaser for Taxi Chaos. It looks like the game is taking a lot of inspiration from the classic franchise. You’ll pick up passengers and deliver them to a destination across a large area inspired by New York City. As you can see from the teaser, this is not a cabbie sim. You can find shortcuts (such as across buildings), drift around corners, and take big jumps to deliver people to their destinations.

There are a range of autos for you to use when you are trying to earn a little cash. My info mentions a muscle car, a supercar, and a Japanese car that would make the Fast and Furious crew drool. You can unlock more throughout the game, and it should add a little spicey variety (along with being able to drive through the park and jump over other cars on the road) to your people-hauling adventures.

Taxi Chaos is picking up fares on February 23rd, and it’s going to be a physical and digital release. It’s being developed by Team6 Game Studios and published by Lion Castle. I want to see more before I increase the hype-o-meter, but an arcade-y, updated version of Crazy Taxi sounds like fun.

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