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Team Ninja’s Nioh Releasing 2016, Demo Coming Next Month and More

Team Ninja has announced today on the PlayStation Blog that the PS4 exclusive Nioh will be releasing this year on… PS4. That’s not all though, as Team Ninja’s Peter Garza also announced that an alpha demo for Nioh will be arriving on the PlayStation Store a little later this month so that we can all give the game a go before it releases.

However, as far as demos go, this one’s a little weird. Instead of releasing the demo and being done with it, Team Ninja is only releasing the demo for a limited time. The Nioh demo will be available from April 26th through until May 5th, after that it’ll be gone. Weird, no?

Unfortunately there’s no solid release date for the full game, only the promise that it will arrive sometime this year. Until then we’ll just have to make do with the demo, but before then you can watch the new trailer that was released today.

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