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Team Sonic Racing’s Live Action Launch Trailer is Just Brilliant

I’m a big fan of trailers that steer away from what is considered the norm, and Team Sonic Racing’s launch trailer is exactly that. It’s bonkers and brilliant at the same time and it’s worth two minutes of your morning.

Team Sonic Racing is out now on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. To celebrate the game’s launch SEGA has released a brand new live action trailer that takes kart racing a little too literally, but it’s all good fun. The trailer sees shoppers dashing around a supermarket’s aisles in the hope of picking up the last box of Golden O’s breakfast cereal. It’s silly, stupid and funny, so give it a watch and then head down to your local supermarket and see if you can replicate it without ending up in jail. Or, you know, go to your local supermarket and buy the game. Your choice.

See you in jail…

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