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Tekken 7 Story Trailer is a Family Affair

The world of Tekken 7 may not be much different than the normal world, because it is filled with family drama. Like the biggest family feuds, such as Cain and Abel, the Hatfields and McCoys, and Noel and Liam Gallagher, some disagreements may continue for generations. with no real resolution. With the focus on fighting families, the new trailer for Tekken 7 gives us hope that we can look forward to Drunken Uncle Akuma Ruins Christmas DLC.

LIke all conflicts, other people are often brought into the fight. Despite it being a slightly less brutal version of daytime talk shows trying to determine who the real father is, everyone has a personal reason for fighting, from revenge to honor. Reasons are great, but sometimes we just want to punch someone to the other side of the screen.

Check out the trailer for Tekken 7 to get ready to pummel people with or without an associated therapy bill when the game hits shelves on June 2nd.

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