Tekken 7’s PS4 Release Date Will Be Announced Next Week

Tekken 7’s PS4 Release Date Will Be Announced Next Week

An announcement of an announcement? Yep, today is certainly a slow news day and we’re forced to scrape the bottom of the barrel. Today’s barrel comes courtesy of Bandai Namco and its announcement over on Facebook that Tekken 7 will soon get a release date.

The game’s publisher teased on its Facebook page that Tekken 7’s release date will be announced next week, though it didn’t care to mention any particular date, time, or place. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see then.

Tekken 7 will release on PS4, though there was also some word of there being a PSVR mode to the game. However, we’ve not heard a single thing about it in recent months so we’re not holding our breath for anything substantial.

Looking forward to Tekken 7, or has Street Fighter V won your heart? Smash a comment down below.

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