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Telefrag VR Launching on PSVR This Summer, Simultaneous Cross-Play Release With HTC and Oculus Rift

The fast-paced, old-school inspired VR shooter Telefrag VR has a release window, though an actual release date remains elusive. The game’s developer, Anshar Studios, has announced that Telefrag VR will release simultaneously on PSVR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets this summer. Why’s that a big deal? Because cross-play will be a big feature right out of the gate, that’s why!

Telefrag VR takes places in a futuristic Roman Empire where gladiators have been replaced by running and gunning warriors. It’s an interesting concept and it’s against the norm, for sure. The developers are proud to be going against the grain with this release and they’re gleefully aware that they’re not following the normal VR rules in having a slower-paced game. Instead of worrying about players puking, Anshar Studios is focused on creating an arena shooter that’ll get the blood pumping. Maybe the puke, too, but your mileage may vary.

Anshar has also released a brand new teaser trailer to celebrate the release window announcement. It’s only a few seconds long but it’s worth a look if you’re interested in an old-school shooter for VR. They are, sadly, few and far between.


  • Loadout Management – Pick your favorite loadout to outwit your enemy. Combine powerful firearms to create the most powerful set. Each weapon features two firing modes and a unique teleportation attack.
  • Teleport Attacks and Telefrags – Use teleport attacks to move through the arena or telefrag your enemy! See them reduced to a pulp using the well-known ability.
  • Guns – Choose from classic arena shooter weapons such as Rocket Launchers, Flak Cannons, and futuristic Plasma Rifles.
  • Dash – Combat in VR has never been so dynamic! Catch your enemy by surprise as short and fast jumps from place to place allow you to constantly stay on the move.
  • Impossible Spaces – Fight in unique arenas arranged with no regard for gravity, allowing for various angles of attack and movement. The specifically designed maps will force you to be on your guard.
  • Arena Game Mode – Fight in 1v1 deathmatches that use rounds. Climb up the leaderboards and conquer the highest win streak.

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