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Telltale Games Fires Last Remaining Developers

The Telltale Games saga just keeps on going, and unfortunately it’s not going in the right direction. After laying off most of its workforce, the developer kept hold of a small number of developers in order to finish off the final season of The Walking Dead, as well as some other contractual obligations.

However, that seems to have gone down the toilet as one of the remaining staff members has revealed on Twitter that the skeleton crew kept on has now been laid off.

Word around the internet is that Telltale was looking for an external development house to hire its former employees on a contract basis in order to finish off the last two episodes of The Walking Dead’s final season. While there’s nothing official being announced I think we can safely assume that Telltale Games won’t be releasing anything from here on out. Here’s hoping all those poor buggers who’ve lost their jobs find new ones fast.

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