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Telltale Games is Teasing Something Dark, Very Dark

Telltale Games is probably best known for its light-hearted episodic game, well, except for The Walking Dead – that stuff is grim as hell. Lee?! Leeeee!

The storytelling development house is juggling multiple franchises at the moment with Minecraft, The Walking Dead, the upcoming Batman game, but it might not be all that’s going on behind closed doors.

The twitter account for Telltale publishing has posted a couple of cryptic tweets to twitter that, on first look, seem to be related to something a little more sinister than Marty McFly’s relationship with an elderly crack-pot scientist.

What do they mean? What are they related to? Is it a game? A short film? A full-length movie? A breakfast cereal? We haven’t the foggiest but we reckon it’ll all become clear in time. 

Thanks for the tip, ItsJustEmman

[Update: Telltale Publishing has since tweeted that there is indeed a new project and that all will be announced tomorrow. And what’s more is that it’s not actually a Telltale Games project but is instead coming from a partner developer. Interesting…]

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