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Telltale’s Stranger Things Game Footage Leaks

With Telltale Games winding down operations ahead of its imminent closure, leaks are starting to happen. On one hand this is really exciting as we get to see something we shouldn’t, but on the other hand it’s sad as we’ll probably never play the game – at least not in the way Telltale envisioned it.

Numerous clips have leaked onto the internet that show early footage of Telltale’s take on the hit Netflix show Stranger Things. The eyes are an abomination but it’s early footage so it’s expected to look a little off.

While Telltale’s Stranger Things is almost certainly not going to happen, Netflix has said that it’s still going to pursue the project and will look to other development studios to get things rolling.

Below you’ll find a couple of clips, but there’s plenty more through here, thanks to PCGamesN.

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