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Telltale’s Summer Update Brings New Seasons of Batman, The Wolf Among Us, and the Final Season of The Walking Dead

Telltale dropped a red hot video today pulling back the curtain on its future plans. After three long years, they are finally going back to revisit the brilliant and arguably the best series they ever made in The Wolf Among Us. (The gauntlet has been thrown down. We dare you to disagree in the comments.) We will have to wait for 2018 to have more noir-inspired adventures with Bigby and the rest of Fabletown, but, according to the video, your tweets worked.

Also coming in 2018 is the final season of The Walking Dead. The series that made the house of Telltale a huge success has horrified, depressed, and emotionally impacted gamers for years with its gut-wrenching stories set in Robert Kirkman’s universe. Clementine will once again return, and we cannot help but believe she is on number seven or eight of her nine lives. Maybe the final season is all about them finding a safe place to rest with the only stress being who will cook that night’s squirrel or rabbit, but we doubt it.

Season 2 of Batman was also announced, and the first episode is coming on August 8th. Subtitled The Enemy Within, Bruce is still struggling with the revelations in Season 1, and the villains we saw are only going to be a bigger problem for him.  The trailer also shows The Riddler will make an appearance, but we hope to have a few laughs with John Doe.

Although we had some issues with the first season, we appreciated the novel approach of playing as Bruce Wayne. We look forward to going back to Gotham soon and seeing who is the better problem solver – Bruce Wayne or Batman.

These announcements are good news for Telltale’s fans, and we are glad to see the developer has grown but continues to listen. Now, if we could only find a time machine, so we would not have to wait for The Wolf Among Us Season 2.

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