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Telltale’s Zombie-Horror 7 Days to Die Gets a Live-Action Trailer and Screenshots

Yesterday we told you how Telltale Publishing was working with a “partner” studio to bring another game to our bulging hard drives. Earlier today we told you that it was a zombie horror game called 7 Days to Die. Now we’re telling you that there’s a trailer for the game. Unfortunately it’s not a gameplay trailer and it doesn’t actually show any of the game as it’s a live-action trailer.

Still, it’s an interesting one and we recommend giving it a look. The game is out this June 14th on PS4 and Xbox One and can be pre-ordered right not via Amazon.com. We can confirm that the game isn’t a full-priced release and will only cost $29.99. Not too scary then.

Fans of Telltale’s  The Walking Dead series will be excited to learn that pre-ordering 7 Days to Die will give them exclusive access to 5 character skins from Telltale’s hit series, including Michonne and Lee Everett.

“7 Days to Die is a labor of love for our small group of games industry veterans. After a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, we’re grateful to have had a wonderful response from our active community of Steam Early Access users; now, our partners at Telltale Publishing are enabling us to get the game in front of new survivors across the globe” said Richard Huenink, Co-Founder of The Fun Pimps. “We’re very excited that Telltale brought us together with the folks at Iron Galaxy, to build the game collaboratively and specifically for consoles. They have a stellar track record, and have been incredible partners in ensuring a perfect translation that includes new features and content not seen in the PC version.”

Down below you’ll find the trailer and then futher on you’ll find the screenshot gallery.

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