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Tempest 4000 Coming July 17th

Before Rez could dazzle the eyes with shooting neon shapes, there was Tempest. Although the 1981 classic from Atari has been re-released with several sequels, it’s hard to top the original. The founder of Llamasoft, Jeff Minter, is going to try to bring the gameplay ideas of the original to a new generation.

Tempest 4000 is coming to the PS4 on July 17th. Fans of the original should know the 4K graphics are considerably better than the original, but the same classic gameplay is alive and well in this new release. You pilot a ship along the edge of different geometric shapes and shoot increasingly faster enemies. It’s deceptively simple at first, but your reflexes will have to increase with the difficulty.

There are three modes for you to play. You have three lives in Classic mode, and you can continue on from the last completed level when they are gone. Pure is the quarter-stealing mode that kept arcades in business. You will have three lives, and the game ends when they do. Survival gives you eight lives, and it increases the difficulty. This might be perfect for those of you who had to spend an afternoon at the arcade with only a dollar. You got good, or you watched others who were.

Along with 100 challenging levels, the game will have a soundtrack fit for a refresh. It’s a little retro and a little techno. Maybe it’s rechno? I will put the trailer at the top, but here is a link to a video of someone actually playing the game on the PS4. (Allegedly anyway.) With around 48 minutes of music and gameplay, you can get a really good idea of how the new coat of paint on this modern retro remake looks and sounds.

Whether you are twitching already for one more round or if this is your first time playing, you will be able to add Tempest 4000 to your PS4 on July 17th.

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