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Tennis World Tour Will be a Game Served in Two Halves

Tennis World Tour

Tennis World Tour serves itself on to shelves today, but it’s far from an ace. In a bizarre twist, its developer Breakpoint has announced that it will launch in two phases, meaning today’s release is incomplete. Fault!

The Facebook post, which has also only been published today, launch day, takes a rather laid back tone as it explains that the online multiplayer function will be added sometime in the future as part of a patch. It read,  “Features are scheduled to roll out in two phases.”

“The first will bring online quick matches and in the second phase we will implement a ranked online mode with global leaderboards.”

Until then, Breakpoint hopes that the career mode and local multiplayer will keep raqueteers entertained in the meantime. They also insist that future updates will also introduce other features, including a doubles mode and sliding animations. Whether that is enough to entice players, or even keep them, is yet to be seen; online competitive gameplay is a popular feature for individuals who want to pit themselves against the real deal instead of AI. Either way, there aren’t many options when it comes to tennis games on the console. Maybe they’ve got us deuced.

Have you hit the courts today in Tennis World Tour? Or are you waiting for the umpire to declare it properly out? 

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