Tentacles Confirmed in Moons of Madness Gameplay Trailer

Moons of Madness dropped twelve minutes of uncut gameplay, and it would make Lovecraft proud. The madness starts by main character, Shane, getting out of bed. (I’m not saying it would prevent cosmic horror, but getting out of bed is generally how things start going bad.) He has one of the worst walking dreams you can imagine, before starting his day over in a place that doesn’t appear to made of nightmares, at least not on the surface.

The gameplay is captured from PC, but it’s a good chunk of what you can expect. Stationed on Mars, he is a technician charged with keeping things running. From the concepts introduced, it’s probably the beginning of the game. You learn how to combine and use items you find, perform basic navigation inside the area, and interact with doors and systems. A guy named Orson walks you through your tasks over a radio. It has a slight Bioshock vibe to it, and I hope that carries on to the rest of the game.

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The gameplay trailer has some surprises, but there is nothing that would ruin your experience. If anything, I’m now watching Moons of Madness a lot closer. The story follows the hallucinating Shane as he tries to keep a top secret station running smoothly until he goes back to Earth. While waiting for the new crew to arrive, he experiences weird system failures and sees weirder visions of monsters and other things with tentacles both small and large. Since this is Lovecraftian, expect some more of that and other sanity questioning moments.

Moons of Madness has an appropriately scary release date of Halloween. Check out the gameplay trailer to see if you think it has a Bioshock-ish vibe or if I’m just hallucinating.

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