Terminator Resistance Update 1.02 Released Ahead of PS5 Upgrade

A new update has appeared for Terminator Resistance on PS4 and it’s quite a big update, considering that the game has been out for well over a year.

Terminator Resistance is getting a next-gen upgrade for PS5 next month, but before then, there’s a new update for the PS4 version of the game. And it’s a strange one.

The new update, version 1.02 – the second update the game has ever received on PS4 – is a fairly large 6.3GB in size. Why? What is this update for? The patch notes are meagre and perhaps don’t tell the full story. According to the patch notes attached to the update, version 1.02 adds support for three languages, improved A.I and general fixes and tweaks. All that, in 6.3GB?

It’s possible that there’s something next-genny going on with this update; Terminator Resistance: Enhanced Edition for PS5 releases on April 30th, after all. Maybe this is laying the groundwork for a future update? Who knows, but it’s definitely odd to see a game get its second ever update so long after the original release.

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Terminator Resistance: Enhanced Edition was set to release on PS5 this month on March 26th, but it has since been pushed back to April 30th. A month is nothing, though, as gamers have endured years of delays for other games…

Terminator Resistance: Enhanced Edition for PS5 will feature a slew of next-gen enhancements, including improved frame rates, higher fidelity graphics, faster load times, and even a brand new game mode where players can become a Terminator and fight against the resistance in the new Infiltrator Mode. Sounds ace, but it’ll have to wait.

In the meantime, the PS4 version is still pretty good and even better on PS5; you can play at 60FPS on PS5 by unlocking the frame rate within the game’s settings. It makes a hell of a difference and I’m on my way through the story again before the PS5 version drops in April.

Terminator Resistance PS4 Update Version 1.02 Patch Notes

  • General enemy AI improvements
  • Support for additional languages (Russian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese)
  • Better balance, bug fixes and tweaks
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