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Terror Lab DLC Rises for Zombie Army 4: Dead War

Did you like Zombie Army 4: Dead War as much as we did (review)? If so, you’ll be delighted to hear that new DLC has just been released for the undead shooter. A new level named Terror Lab sends you to uncover why those pesky corpses stop RIP-ing and start walking and eating. You’ll fight through an army of lab personnel, but this is just the beginning.

Along with the new level is a smattering of new DLC to tempt you. You can play as the American Sea Captain, Josiah, or use the new Classic Boris Outfit. Looking for some new firepower? Grab the two new guns, a PPSH submachine gun bundle or an M1 carbine bundle. The Molten Lava Weapon skin makes those weapons look hot. Finally, the Undead Wood Horde mission is also available today. Unlike everything else, it is the only thing that is free. Everything else can be purchased individually, or with the season pass.

We also have a look at the upcoming releases included in the season pass through this summer. There are more guns, missions, and skins over the next few months. (I’ve listed the items, and I’ve put a visual at the bottom for more info.) There are also some more freebies coming such as a mode, difficulty level, and another horde map.

March 10th 2020

  • Campaign Mission “Terror Lab”
  • American Sea Captain
  • PPSH Sub-machine Gun Bundle
  • M1 Semi-auto Carbine Bundle
  • Molten Lava Weapon Skins
  • Classic Boris Outfit
  • FREE Horde Map “Undead Wood”

April 2020

  • Campaign Mission “Blood Count”
  • Renegade Officer
  • Blood-soaked Weapon Skins
  • Gas Mask Headgear Bundle
  • Mortar Shotgun Bundle

May 2020

  • Mission Pack #3
  • Character Pack #3
  • Character Skins #3
  • Weapon Pack #3
  • Weapon Pack #9
  • Weapon Skins #4

Summer 2020

  • New FREE Mode
  • New FREE Difficulty Level
  • FREE Horde Map #2
  • Weapon Pack #10
  • Weapon Pack #11
  • Weapon Skins #5
  • Charms Pack #1

If you already own the game or are looking to buy, the pass is included in the Zombie Army 4: Dead War Super Deluxe Edition, and the different versions of the game are currently discounted on the PlayStation Store. Check out the trailer to see all the new items you can use to send zombie Nazis back to their graves.

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