Test Your Might in This Mortal Kombat 11 TV Commercial

Mortal Kombat 11 has a TV commercial that uses real people to promote the game. After listing all the reasons you might want to fight (fighting because you love fighting is valid too), it shows different characters walking and exhibiting sparks and the ability to casually freeze things among other powers. That stroll through a shadowy area leads up to a CGI sequence that I can begrudgingly acknowledge is as cool as it is quick.

I’m sure the savvy marketing people know more than I do, but the game’s visuals and character trailers are pretty good already. I’m not sure they really gain anything in true visual pop by going with actors. The only thing that they do gain is the ability to show it on TV, since the fatalities are probably not advertiser friendly.

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My lack of marketing knowledge aside, check out the trailer, and prepare yourself for Mortal Kombat 11 when it releases on April 23rd.

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