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Tethered Update 1.02 for PSVR Brings PS4 Pro Support and General Improvements

Tethered, one of our highest-rated PSVR games so far, has a new update that’s out now on PS4. The new update is version 1.02 and the purpose of said update is to give the game a good boost if you’re running one of them fancy new PS4 Pro consoles.

The update is around 327MB, give or take, and has a number of improvements, all of which we’ve listed down below:

Tethered Update 1.02 Patch Notes

  • General fixes, usability and character updates.

Doesn’t sound like much, does it? Well they’re just the patch notes that come with the update. The real details are much more interesting. Over on the developer’s blog there are more details, though they aren’t exactly clear as to what’s improved on the PS4 Pro, and what parts of the update are for the regular PS4 users.

So, we’ve gone ahead and jumped back into the game and given it a good play for a while to see what’s what with the base PS4. We’ve got the notes from the developer below along with our own PS4/PS4 Pro indicator.

  • Tethered looks even better on PlayStation®4 Pro! – PS4 Pro (Duh…)
  • Although they still rely on your guidance, the Peeps are now a tiny bit smarter when navigating from A to B. – PS4/PS4 Pro
  • Creature behaviour is improved and they no longer have perfect teeth. – PS4/PS4 Pro
  • There’s been a change in the weather… Occasionally mischievous clouds have been fixed. – Unconfirmed, more testing required (it’s a bug fix.)
  • We’ve added quit confirmation, as accidentally abandoning your Peeps after 5 days of nurturing can lead to despair. – PS4/PS4 Pro
  • With players enjoying hours immersed in our divine VR creation, we’ve made the game pause when the controller battery runs out to ensure that as a Spirit Guardian, you’re always in control. – PS4/PS4 Pro
  • The Tethered Live Area now has a background. – PS4/PS4 Pro (It’s just a few clouds and a tether, but it’s nice enough.)

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