Tetris Effect is Sony’s First Pre-E3 Drop, PS VR Support Included

Sony promised to build up to E3 with a host of new game announcements. And they’ve kicked things off with a modern take on an old classic. The much revered block-dropping mind boggler is making a comeback in Tetris Effect, with enough going on to make it virtually a completely new game.

Now I know what you’re thinking, ‘You can’t reinvent the wheel’. But you can make that wheel bigger and better, like monster trucks, which is what we’re seeing here.

It is the brainchild of Lumines genius¬†Tetsuya Mizuguchi, which is known for its colour and music, and will be playable on the PS VR. Looks like this will be the first time Tetris has made anyone throw up…

Though the basic mechanics remain loyal to the classic edition that raised most of us, the playing environment has been designed to completely immerse the player in the game. Music, lights and sounds have been pumped up to the max, as evident in the trailer above, and are completely responsive to your progress. Or lack of.

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There will be a total of 30 unique stages to work through, each providing an opportunity to try out some of its new modes, or the zone ability that allows you to freeze the action and take back control of that trash pile you’ve built up. But don’t worry if you’re old-fashioned, your beloved¬†Marathon, Sprint, and Ultra modes are all present and correct.

In addition to the above, its difficulty will be variable in order to encourage replay and players will be graded on a level based system. Tetris Effect will also be enhanced to render 4k on the PS4 Pro.

Sony promises other additions to the game but we’ll have to sit tight for those. But with E3 round the corner it shouldn’t be too long until we hear a little more.

Here’s hoping Tetris Effect knocks our blocks off!

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