TGS 2016: Dark Souls 3 Ashes Of Ariandel DLC Trailer Shows Off More Gameplay

You may have seen us get all excited recently at the announcement of Dark Souls III’s first DLC – Ashes Of Ariandel and its first trailer. Check out the brand new trailer from last week’s Tokyo Games Show above and weep at the sheer beauty.

Well the dust of TGS has now settled, and the exclusive footage is now coming to plebs like us too. From the Ashes (geddit?) comes a trailer showing off some more gameplay in the beautifully snow covered world of the DLC’s new area, as well as some bosses, a little more story teasing, and a big fat rehash of the footage we’ve already seen.

The release date for the DLC is set for the 25th of next month (25/10/16) and it’s been said that this will be the first of two planned DLC additions to the Souls series’ final entry. So far we know that the add on takes place in another living painting (just like the painted world of ariamis from DS1) and that the big old wolf from the first trailer is probably not Sif, much to our disappointment. Oh, plus there will be hard enemies, bosses and game design that makes you shake your fist at the sky and curse the fiendishly brilliant mind that created it.

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Dark Souls III is currently available for PS4 and Xbox One, and can be purchased for cash as well as the souls of your enemies, we’re told. Amazon UK doesn’t accept souls as currency (we checked), but you can pick up the game there for £33.69, while your at it, the Dark Souls 3 Season Pass  can also be found there for £19.99. The pass gives access to both DLC’s as soon as they are released. Praise the sun in our comments section below.

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