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TGS 2016: Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Gets A New Trailer, Coming 2017

JRPG fans get a treat this weekend, as a new trailer for the revamped version of Final Fantasy XII emerged from TGS. Get ready to return to Ivalice and check out the trailer above, then read on for all the info on the game;

Final Fantasy XII was a strange beast; it was Square’s first real attempt to move to a more dynamic form of combat, while essentially preserving the previous game’s turn-based nature. Receptions were mixed; and, despite a generally favourable critical response in the west, the backlash from the game’s Japanese fan-base was so strong that Square actually released a second version of the game – introducing a new element to combat and character progression know as the ‘zodiac job system’. This version never made it west, however, until now – as Square prepares to release its HD upgrade, known as The Zodiac Age, with the content from the second iteration of the game intact.


The HD version of the game also includes:

  • Remastered High Definition movies and character models
  • A remastered soundtrack featuring 7.1 surround sound
  • A ‘trial mode’ where players can take on 100 successive battles
  • Trophy support

No release date has yet been announced for the remaster, with early 2017 being the best guess. We know that some of Pure PlayStation’s staff consider Final Fantasy XII to be a great iteration of the series, so we’re excited to see what changes come with the zodiac job system. Stick with us for all the news on the game and it’s release.

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age (PS4) is currently available for pre-order, at the time of writing Amazon UK is listing the game at £30.99. Get out your member berries and tell us everything you ‘member about Final Fantasy XII the first time around in the comments below. ‘Member Freya? …yeahhh I ‘member. 

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