TGS 2016: Resident Evil 7 Gets New Trailer, ‘Opening Hour’ Demo To Be Extended

Resident Evil 7 will be fully playable in VR. Spooky? We think so.

The TGS trailers keep on coming and this time it’s the turn of Capcom’s upcoming survival horror title that you may have heard of, Resident Evil 7 biohazard. Check it out in all it’s creepy, Americana-horror-movie, glory above. There were also some juicy details announced for the title and its already famous demo, that are sure to have any dummy-finger related mystery lovers salivating – read on for more:

What better way to mark the Tokyo Game Show than with one of Japan’s best loved horror franchises? Capcom agree, apparently, as they’ve delivered the goods with a brand new trailer, new demo announcement, and new pre-order details for the highly anticipated 7th numbered installment in the Resident Evil (Biohazard) series.

The ‘Opening Hour’ teaser demo has been downloaded more than 3 million times worldwide, and Capcom want to make that 3 million more, it seems. They have announced that an extended version of the demo, allowing players to explore more of the mansion, named the ‘twilight’ version will be released on PSN on September 15th. (But will hopefully be free of clear skinned, sparkly vampires).

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‘I swear, she told me she was 21!’

The trailer itself, if you haven’t already grossed yourself out by watching, shows off some of the first person gameplay and combat – albeit briefly. We are also treated to a delightful family dinner scene, which highlights the danger of not appreciating a mother’s cooking.

Capcom have also announced an additional story episode to be included with the ‘Deluxe Edition‘ pre-order, the North American price is also increasing along with it (from $79.99 to $89.99) but existing pre-orders will be upgraded for free. This means that season pass holders will now get access to three additional story content DLCs.

'Seems Familiar'
‘Seems Familiar’

Resident Evil 7 for PS4 and PS VR is due to be released on the 24th of January 2017. The Standard and deluxe editions are currently available for pre-order. Severed Heads-up: the Amazon UK store is currently offering the Resident Evil 7 Biohazard (PS4/PSVR) – Standard Edition for £44.00 (at the time of writing). Tell us how many pairs of spare underpants you plan to buy in preparation for the first person VR horror title in the comments below.


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