TGS 2016: Sony Conference Reveals Nioh and Nier: Automata Release Dates

You might have seen our recent preview article about the upcoming samurai RPG from Koei Tecmo, Nioh. If so, you might be wondering when this little gem is coming west. Well wonder no longer; Sony have let the cat out of the bag at their TGS 2016 press conference. You can watch the conference in full above, fair warning though; if you want the English translation from Japanese the audio is woefully out of sync.   

Sony TGS 2016 press conference happened today and as a result we’ve got a couple of release dates for some upcoming Japanese flavoured titles. Those hoping for Nioh in 2016 (as originally suggested) will be disappointed; the game is slated for worldwide release on February 9th 2017.

Another hotly anticipated title, Nier: Automata, has also been confirmed as releasing later the same month, on the 23rd to be precise. It’s looking like February will be a packed month for releases; Horizon: Zero Dawn, Persona 5 and For Honor are all coming around this time too and we’re sure there’s more we’ve forgotten about in our excitement.

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2017 is looking like another wallet-buster for gamers; let us know your most anticipated titles in the comments below, if you fancy. All of the games mentioned above are currently available for pre-order at a variety of retailers and we’ve handily compiled some links for you here:

Nioh (PS4) – £49.99

Nier Automata (PS4) – £41.99

Horizon: Zero Dawn Standard Edition – £44.00

Persona 5 SteelBook Launch Edition (PS4) – £49.99

For Honor (PS4) – £44.00

Enjoy! Stick with Pure Playstation for all the news from TGS 2016.





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