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TGS 2019: Kingdom Hearts III DLC ‘Re Mind’ Releasing Winter 2019, First Trailer Released

Ready to go slamming that massive key sword thing around again? Good, because Square Enix has announced today that Kingdom Hearts 3 player will be able to experience a brand new chapter in Sora’s epic adventure.

The new DLC is titled ‘Re Mind’, and will debut later this year on PS4 and Xbox One, but before that happens, there’s a trailer showing off the DLC. There are some story scenes as well as Sora’s new battle form, so if you’re hoping to go into the expansion completely spoiler free, perhaps you’d be best not watching the trailer.

Re Mind will see Sora team up with familiar allies in a familiar realm, though there’ll be brand new bosses to swing a keychain at, as well as the evil Organization XIII, whoever they are. Can you tell I’ve never played a Kingdom Hearts game?

The new trailer is embedded up above, so give it a watch, then stick around for our coverage of this year’s Tokyo Game Show, where Kingdom Hearts III will no doubt get a bit more time in the spotlight.

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