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That Naff Rambo Game for PS3 is Getting Some Free DLC – Baker Team Incoming

A while back there was a Rambo game released for PS3 that used the PS Move. It didn’t go down too well with most who played it, so we’re actually quite surprised to be sat here writing that it’s getting a free DLC update tomorrow in the form of Baker Team. The update is due out tomorrow in the UK, Europe and North America.

The Baker Team DLC takes players through a brand new original story set before the events of First Blood. The details are below if anyone is interested…

3 NEW MISSIONS – Rambo leads BAKER TEAM on a covert mission deep into Viet Cong territory.
·         UPGRADE YOUR RAMBO TO LEVEL 25 – Unlock all skill points and create the ultimate Rambo!
·         NEW DIFFICULTY SETTING: JOHN RAMBO – If Green Beret wasn’t challenging enough, put your skills to the ultimate test in John Rambo mode.  Your reward will be a score multiplier of x 1.5.
·         NEW WEAPONS – 5 new weapons to get your Rambo hands on. Including the CAR15, MP44, SPAS12, XM79 and PPSH41. Weapons are unlocked via 5 new ‘Trautman Challenges’.
·         NEW PERKS – 5 new perks to experiment with! Use them to help get you through the toughest levels or create new builds to boost your scores and aim for those 3-star mission rankings.

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