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Thatnextgame by thatgamecompany Will Release This Year

Late last year we got our first glimpse of thatgamecompany’s latest endeavor, Thatnextgame. We were teased by a collection of pictures with one of them branded with a 2017 but nothing more. The creators of Journey and Flower have been extremely tight lipped about their next project but we can confirm the title will release sometime this year. A fan asked the developer on Twitter if Thatnextgame will release in 2017 or if we’d only get a trailer/another teaser. They responded that it is indeed planned for a 2017 launch. We cannot wait for another magical experience to pop up from thatgamecompany.

Thatgamecompany is a popular indie developer that’s behind the emotionally charged works of Flow, Flower and Journey. All of them have received critical praise and fan admiration. Who else agrees that more information on their next game can’t come soon enough? While you’re at it let us know some of your favorite gaming moments brought to you by the developer in the comments.

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