The Absolute Evil Is Back for One Last Evil Deed in A Multitude of Maps DLC for Dungeons 3

The brand new and last DLC coming from Dungeons 3 dubbed by the name of A Multitude of Maps has been released today on 21st of February.

So it’s time to get ready to fight the forces of good and if it’s anything like the prior game’s content, you’ll have to prepare for the narrator’s bad popular culture references. We also got A Multitude of Maps DLC trailer today to accompany the release of the DLC, so make sure to check it out. The trailer didn’t miss out on the opportunity for some hilarious puns including:

“This DLC helped me become even more evil” –
The Dungeon Lord

The New DLC content will include three new Skirmish Maps, The Summoning Stones, Corpses for the Mortuary Mountain and Re-burying the Golem. These maps will be available to play solo or on multiplayer.

Dungeons 3 was originally released all the way back on the 13th October 2017. The game was published by Kalypso Media and developed by Realmforge Studios. As much as it’s unfortunate that this will be the last DLC, it was pretty neat that the game kept getting support content until 2020.

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The title is a management and construction simulation, where you assume the role of the Absolute Evil that forges an evil lair for his creatures along with the help of Thalya. In the hope, his minions will inevitably rid the world of all the good folk occupying the land. The game was a sequel to Dungeons 2, which is also available for PlayStation 4. If you’ve never played either title, both Dungeons 3 and Dungeons 2 are currently on sale on PlayStation Store.

Will you be joining The Absolute Evil along with Thalya for one last time?

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