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The Bard’s Tale IV: Director’s Cut Begins the Quest to a Physical Edition

Since the digital version released August 27th, you may already be playing The Bard’s Tale IV: Director’s Cut. However, if you want a physical version and a few extra items, it’s coming very soon. Adventurers in Europe can pick it up on September 6th, but North America won’t be able to start the heavily updated game on disc until October 11th.

If this one has slipped under your radar, The Bard’s Tale IV is from inXile Entertainment, the team behind the Wasteland series and the excellent Torment: Tides of Numenera. The series is a dungeon crawling RPG that stretches back to the 1980s (Wikipedia), but, after it disappeared for a while, the developers started to release new games in 2004.

The Bard’s Tale IV originally released on Windows in 2018, but the Director’s Cut makes a lot of changes. There are the standard improvements to fix the broken things, but this is more than a basic patch. It changes content, adds new features, and improves the visuals and sound in over a thousand different ways. Fan feedback played an important role in what was changed, so this is the best version of the game.

If you do pick up the physical edition, you will receive a physical poster map and some in-game items. The digital items are a fire horn, Kael’s Axe, red boots, and Bardic Brian skin and booty. According to the forums, that last one is a character model you can use in creation and some equipment.

The Bards Tale IV: Director’s Cut will bring all of it’s 50+ hours of gameplay, 350 speaking parts, quests, and improvements in physical form to the EU on September 6th and North America on October 11th. It will run €36.99/£34.99/$39.99.

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