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BioShock The Collection Briefly Appears on 2K Games’ Website, Screenshots of Remaster Inside

It’s almost certainly official now: The BioShock Collection has briefly appeared on the official website of BioShock publisher 2K games before being removed.

The remastered collection has been rumoured for months now, though nothing more than a rating here and a rating there have surfaced. Today it’s all but confirmed that The BioShock Collection will be getting a release on PS4 and that an official announcement is on its way. Why else would 2K have the game on its website?

We’ve also got the official cover art for the game – which was first leaked months ago – from the official 2K source. So, yeah, it’s coming and it’s just a matter of when the publisher announces it rather than if.

There are also a bunch of images that were hosted on the new site for the collection, which you can see below. [To see the images in full-size, right-click and ‘open in new tab’.]

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