The Blackmailer Is the Latest Elusive Target in Hitman

The Blackmailer Is the Latest Elusive Target in Hitman

The Elusive Targets in Hitman are special contracts only available for a limited time. The info you receive is sparse, and there are no second chances if you die. This new target is only available until February 6th 13:00 GMT. After that, this mission will no longer be available.

The lucky gentleman in this case is Walter Williams. He works in the fashion industry and is in Paris for a show. His personal taste looks like a combination of a little Star Trek with Mugatu’s Derelicte, but who are we to judge? We are not the fashion police.

Agent 47 is sent to retrieve a memory stick with blackmail material on a former lover, so that will not end well for Williams. Perhaps, you should be gentle when you break up with someone who knows international killers for hire.

The next bit of Hitman news is regarding the third bonus mission “Landslide”. We initially thought you would be taking out Fleetwood Mac, or at least Stevie Nicks, but it looks like you will be making a political contribution instead. There is a mafia friendly Italian politician in the city of Sapienza, and someone has decided to make a very powerful vote against his future as mayor. This mission will be available on January 31st.

Hitman has managed to keep pushing out content after the season has ended with new missions and updates to the difficulty. We look forward to seeing how the game will be supported in the future and how season 2 will continue to make changes to the existing game. We are seeing more games choose to work with seasons, instead of sequels, and this may be the future of all games.

Do you prefer seasons, or do you want to stick with the traditional sequel? What do you think are the strengths or either format? Let us know your thoughts and predictions in the comments.

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