The Brookhaven Experiment for PSVR Will Get a PS4 Pro Patch

The Brookhaven Experiment will be getting an update that’ll give it a boost with the PS4 Pro, as recently stated by the game’s developer on Twitter. As we understand it, the developer is working on the update as we type, so it may be a little while yet before the Pro patch is released to the masses.

For those wondering just what the heck The Brookhaven Experiment is, here’s a quick rundown for you: The Brookhaven Experiment is a first-person survival game where you use the PS Move wands to defend yourself against the creatures that have risen to take over the world as we know it. That’s the short of it anyway. We’re still putting our words in a row for the review but we expect we’ll have it out soon enough.

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In the mean time, check out the gameplay video up above and remember to check back in with Pure PlayStation for all things, er, PlayStation? We may start covering watches soon, just to throw people off.

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