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The Council Episode 2 Available Today

Hide and Seek, the second episode of The Council, is available to play today for season pass holders. Individual purchasers will have to wait until May 17th. It carries on the story and choices of Louis de Richet as he hobnobs with some of the 1790’s most famous and influential people. From the trailer, it looks like one fewer person, but all kinds of famous people meet mysterious ends.

Episode 2 will go farther to show the importance and impact of your choices. You may be accused of murder, or you could be the investigator to determine who the murderer is. Other players may not have a murder.

Every since we read Kyle’s glowing review of episode 1, we have been excited for the release of episode 2. Today is the day, and Kyle is hard at work on his review. Some of us (including the author of this story) have been waiting to see if episode 2 can continue the high bar of the original, before they make a purchase.

The idea of a narrative game where our choices make big changes to the story is a tantalizing and welcome change. Check back tomorrow to see if it is time to open that wallet.

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