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The Crew 2 Bags a Free Weekend on PS4, Play for Free From Today

Ubisoft has announced today via a short but sweet trailer over on YouTube that The Crew 2 will be having a free weekend, starting today – Thursday. Somebody buy Ubisoft a calendar for Christmas…

The open-world racer is free to download and play from December 13th through to December 14th. During this time you’ll have full access to the game, though being that it’s such an expansive game with much to see and do, it’s unlikely you’ll even scratch the surface in the short time that it is available.

For those who decide to slap down the cash and buy the game on the back of the free weekend trial, there’s a little gift in store: the Maserati GranTurismo S Touring Car Edition vehicle. A nice touch if you’re into such things, I guess. Bear in mind that this is only for the three days, so if you’ve got naff internet you’ll want to get that download started sooner rather than later.


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