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The Crew 2 Free Weekend is Live Now

You may be looking for something to play this weekend. Ubisoft’s Twitter account has heard your prayers and announced that you can play The Crew 2 starting today through April 13th for nothing. You can join friends for racing and customizing your fast ride even though you can’t be in the same room. To further sweeten the free offer, you can buy the Ford GT for only one in-game credit.

Those of you playing at home likely already realized that the game is also on sale right now. The regular, deluxe edition, and season pass all have a big chunk of the normal cost removed. The post doesn’t mention if your progress will carry over to the full game, but I’d take that bet.

If you feel a need for speed, give The Crew 2 a try. It’s free, and it might be just the thing to burn off those free hours you have.

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