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The Crucible DLC for Darksiders III Now Available

Do you think your Fury is the toughest? Would you like to test that? The Crucible is the ultimate arena in Darksiders III. Run by Targon, there are 100 waves of enemies for you to defeat, and it won’t be easy. You will fight five waves at a time. If you survive, you can take your winnings and go, or you can push through another five waves to test your luck. If you lose, you lose everything. There are no prizes for second place. If you overcome all 100 waves, you will unlock a final challenge.

Unlocking the Crucible is something that can only be done by defeating “real” Sins in the game. Each dispatched Sin will unlock 25 levels in The Crucible, and the rewards are plenty. There are new enchantments, new armor, and rare materials for upgrades.

Of course, the other way to unlock The Crucible is by buying the season pass or buying the DLC individually. It is $6.99 USD or £5.79, and it is available for purchase now in the NA PlayStation Store or GB PlayStation Store.

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THQ Nordic Press Release

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