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The Dark Pictures Anthology – Little Hope Delivers Two Trailers on the Importance and Fun of Motion Capture

In case you missed it, there have been two trailers highlighting the motion capture performances for The Dark Pictures Anthology – Little Hope. Probably the biggest revelation is that the game actors only record their faces and voices. Other actors are brought into Pinewood Studios to perform all the rough stuff, and their bodies are attached to facial animation and voices in the completed game.

The actors talk about how fun and challenging it can be. The roles are physically demanding and require a lot of creativity and quick thinking. Many times, the actors are reading the lines for the first time, before immediately recreating them. Since the storyline branches so much, there isn’t a generic full script. They act through scenes without always knowing how they interconnect.

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There’s not much in the way of scenery to guide them, but one actor mentions how freeing that is. They do have to put themselves into the horror mindset, but they are not limited by lighting or crew. They can go out there and give the most enthusiastic performance while also trying to make sure it’s helpful for the animators.

I’ll add trailers to the top and bottom, but they all seem to have a great time. It’s like playing when they were kids, minus the whole being killed by a monster thing.

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