The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Dev Diary #1 Talks Research and Influences

We’ve seen a few trailers and some gameplay, but today’s dev diary for Little Hope starts to shed some light on the game’s development. As part of The Dark Pictures Anthology, Little Hope once again puts players into the cursed shoes of a group of characters walking through another horror trope. The game’s director, Call of Duty’s Captain Price Pete Samuels sheds some more light on the story, influences, and the steps the team took to ensure authenticity. It’s a great trailer, so let’s get into some details.

Returning Man of Medan players will notice some changes based on their feedback but many things will be familiar. The team has increased the visibility of interactive places in the world, QTEs, and lets you know a QTE is coming. They have also created several walk speeds based on the environment and increased camera animation fluidity. Similar to the last game, a single run will last 4-5 hours with huge replayability and story branching being a core component. A curator’s cut will let you play as other characters for a different perspective on the action. Couch co-op and the two-player online mode will also return.

Each of the entries in the anthology will be based on real historical events, and Little Hope is based on the Andover witch trials. These trials actually rounded up more practitioners of the dark arts (real or imagined) than Salem. These events come back to haunt a small group from college and their professor after their bus breaks down during a field trip. A thick fog makes it impossible to leave the spooky town of Little Hope, and they’ll come face to face with history and nightmares during their stay.

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Those nightmares were influenced by some of the greats, and you’ll likely see them as you play. I already mentioned the actual history, but the team pulled inspiration from The Crucible, The Witch and Season of the Witch, Hellraiser, The Omen, It Follows, and Silent Hill among others. There are decades of horror for them to research to make sure it’s scary.

Beyond historical research for the plot and setting, the team worked with a British TV costume designer as well. They wanted to make sure the clothes were authentic and even used fabric samples for crafting the look in the game. It was obviously a lot of effort for a game where I’ll be trying to save (or kill) most of my unhappy group, but it’s really appreciated.

Ending the trailer, Samuels says the core of the mystery (THIS MAY BE A SPOILER. I’M NOT SURE, BUT I’M GIVING YOU A CHANCE TO GO IN COMPLETELY BLIND IF YOU LOOK AWAY RIGHT NOW!!!!!) is the relationship between the witch trials in 1690s Andover, the modern-day college group trapped in Little Hope now, and a family in 1970s New England. As you play, that thread will be unraveled, but not without some tough spots if you’ve seen the trailer.

I recommend you give this trailer a watch too. Little Hope is the next step in The Dark Pictures Anthology. The team is taking feedback to improve each new entry, and I’m looking forward to diving into this newest entry when it releases later this summer.

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