The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Trailer Scares Up a Release Date for the Summer

In a slightly misleading “launch date” trailer, we learn that the next installment in The Dark Pictures Anthology is coming this summer. I prefer a little more specificity from a date, but it’s still worth a watch for anyone who wants to see more scary from the house that created Until Dawn and games that focus heavily on branching narratives.

The two-minute trailer goes into detail about the history of the town in which you’ll most likely die. Narrated by the ever-enigmatic Curator, Little Hope was one of the places with a nasty history of torturing and killing witches in the late 1600s. Whether the witches were real or whether those who pursued them were the real evil is still something of a mystery in the game. The only thing we know for certain is a dark presence has come back to town, and it’s not happy.

It’s another great setup for an entry. A town with a dark history that comes back. Witches are a good choice for a potential villain, and it looks as if there are some fearsome supernatural elements. It all comes down to how the new game structures the story by taking a well-told tale and putting a new spin on it with characters you want to keep alive. Or not. Finding a way to eliminate the person you don’t like can lead to some fun times as well.

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The previous game, Man of Medan, released late August last year. It had some quirks that kept it from living (or dying) up to its full potential. Will Little Hope give us the thrills and chills we want? I certainly hope so. Until then, check out the trailer and screenshots, and join me in waiting for an official release date later this summer.

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