The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Will Be Scaring Up Sales on October 30th

In a new trailer today, The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope finally announced a release date. On October 30th, you’ll be able to take a detour to Little Hope, a town with a dark history that doesn’t want to stay in the past. The story starts with a group of students and a teacher stuck in the town after their bus breaks down. Caught in a thick and disorienting fog, your group of five soon-to-be survivors (or victims) will confront that past and some terrifying fears.

Filled with frightening imagery, the trailer is filled with all kinds of things to make your heart beat faster. First, there is a weird girl dancing around a fire in the woods asking you to come play with her. Nice try, ghost girl, but the answer is always “No, thank you!” to that question. There is also a monster crawling out of a hole and a woman being wrapped up in chains. I’m not sure if there is a standard answer to avoid those, but leave your answer in the comments in case one of us is ever in that situation. You always stick together in a horror film. That’s just science.

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The overall tone in the Little Hope installment of the franchise will be darker, but it’s not the only change. The developers at Supermassive Games listened to feedback from players to give you a warning about upcoming QTEs. They have also added a movable camera at some points in the game to let you frame your own action.

You will still have the same single-player campaign with branching storylines for a lot of replayability. There is also multiplayer in the form of a two-player online mode and up to five players in a local movie night mode. Pre-ordering the game will unlock The Curator’s Cut which allows you to view events from different character’s points of view than you’ll see in the standard, theatrical version.

Previously set to be a summer release, the date had to be pushed out. It’s a common problem this year, but, if you are going to release a scary game, the day before Halloween is a good bet. For those of you wondering, it’s a Friday release, and the bus leaves for The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope on October 30th.

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