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The Dark Pictures: Little Hope Will Poulter Interview Part 2 – Would You Rather Be Chased by A Demon or Witch Hunter?

The second part of the Will Poulter interview is less focused on The Dark Pictures: Little Hope, but it still reveals a couple of insights about the game. It seems like the entire cast of the game thinks that Ellen David‘s death scream is the best and most people don’t want to follow her act for the negative comparison. Poulter also believes her character “Angela” will be the fan-favorite, because she puts everyone in their place.

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The rest of the interview is more focused on Will Poulter. Given the choice between living in the 1600s or 1900s, he would live in the 1900s obviously. When asked whether he would rather be chased by witch hunters or a demon, he picked a demon. He chose the demon option, because he thinks there is some chance for escape. If you are accused of being a witch, there’s only death if you’re innocent and death if you’re found guilty. The Puritans get a few points for efficiency there, but lose a few for justice.

There are a few more gameplay snippets, but part 2 is not even close to revealing as much as part 1 of the interview. If you are hungry for any info about The Dark Pictures: Little Hope, it’s worth a watch. If not, we only have to wait until October 30th to actually play it.

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