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The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan is Full of Repercussions

In honor of the spookiest day of the year, Supermassive Games dropped a trailer for the first game in it’s upcoming horror anthology. We meet the Curator (voiced by Pip Torrens), and he tells us about how we live and die by our choices. Set against Mozart’s Lacrimosa, he continues to explain you will need to make choices to survive. None of your choices are right or wrong, but some may lead to death. It’s a scary trailer that only shows a few cuts (some literal) of the gameplay, and only makes me more curious. Also, there are killer slugs of some kind. Gross.

Although the cast for each story in the anthology will change, the Curator will always be there. He is a guide to the player and drops hints for you to follow. He has been collecting stories for so long, even he doesn’t remember when he started or why. He believes he has been gathering all stories for thousands of years, but he is not allowed to involve himself, only to observe. As the player, he speaks to only you, and that is also a mystery.

The Dark Pictures is a group of scary stand-alone stories based on many different ideas. For anyone who played Until Dawn, you already have a solid feel for the gameplay. As you progress, you will make decisions. Some will kill a character, and some will allow them to live. Others will have consequences that won’t be seen until later.

This first story seems to be based on the haunted shipwreck trope. A group of young good-looking people go on a fun boating trip to search for a wrecked ship from World War II. A storm conveniently happens, and it looks as if they do find the wreck. They also find something horrible inside. That sounds like a solid start, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I do want a sooner release date. The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan won’t be filling us with fear until sometime in 2019. It will scare up both a digital and retail release, and I look forward to seeing how many of my group survives the experience.

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