The Dark Tribe Prefers Stealth in Middle-earth: Shadow of War

We have a new tribe this week, and they are a little different than the others. (Again.) The Dark Tribe prefers stealth, speed, and maybe a little trickery to accomplish their goals. This is an enormous contrast to previous tribes that are more loud and direct, letting you know they are drawing near by having all the subtlety of two garbage trucks colliding.

The Dark Tribe reminds us of Talion, and we are sure he can put their skills as assassins to good use, if he can manage to overcome their warlord. With a focus on stealth, it may be the most difficult tribe we have seen so far.

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With an October 10th release date sneaking up on us, Middle-earth: Shadow of War is looking like the game for fans that want it bigger and louder (unless you are the Dark Tribe) than the sequel.


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