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The Division 2 Open Beta Dates Announced, March 1st – March 4th, New Trailer Inside

Ubisoft has released a brand new trailer today to announce the Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 open beta dates. If you’re interested in the game but want to try before you buy, the open beta will run from March 1st through to March 4th. It’s an open beta so it’s completely free. No pre-orders required.

The trailer, which is up above, reveals that players will be able to take on three main missions during the open beta, and that you’ll be able to play solo or as a group. You’ll also be able to get a taste of the game’s competitive multiplayer in PVP game modes, as well as a taste of the ‘endgame experience’. Yes, you’ll be able to try the end of the game before you’ve even bought the bloody thing. If you’re interested in seeing more of The Division 2’s endgame content, have a gander at the endgame trailer through here.

The Division 2 releases March 15th for PS4.

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