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The Division 2 Open Beta Leaked During Live Stream

The Division 2 enjoyed a closed beta over the last few days, with the private event only recently coming to a close. But if you were unlucky enough to be following the action from the sidelines that is Google, you will be interested to hear that an open beta is in the pipeline.

We know this despite the fact that Ubisoft is yet to announce anything officially. That’s because a loose lipped developer shared the news with fans during an official live stream on Twitch. His exact-ish words were, “Some of the bugs experienced during the private beta would be fixed before the open beta.”

The live streams have been running non-stop since the event started, with many members of the development team taking it in turns to commentate. So, it’s possibly a miracle to get to the final day before anything “confidential” slipped out. Humans, eh?

Nothing else has been added, and no official statement has been made. But if we had to guess, you should expect to see the open beta up and running in the next week and half or so. After all, it launches fully on March 15th.

Are you open to a try of The Division 2? Take aim and fire a comment our way.

Source: VG247

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